engineering perfection on rails



We are currently looking for experienced Ruby programmers who appreciate the agile way and know TDD like the back of their hand. As we mostly pair program, you are expected to fill in the shoes of the driver effortessly. If you enjoy crafting beautifully designed, elegant code, please do consider .

There are several things that characterise the kind of people we'd love to work with. If you do some (or all) of the things in the following list and are looking for a new place to work, we're likely to get along well.

  • You care about writing code, and writing it well
  • You are a polyglot programmer and are comfortable with several programming languages
  • You test drive all your code
  • You are familiar with Extreme Programming (XP)
  • You contribute to open source projects
  • You love both teaching and learning, and take pleasure in getting better at what you do
  • You want to work with like-minded, intelligent people you can have a real conversation with
  • You aren't overly fond of conformity, especially in the context of being a faceless cog in a big company
  • You value decency and integrity, and prefer working with other people who do so too

People who come across us for the first time have a few standard questions. Here's a quick FAQ listing the things we're often asked:

  • Q. Do I need to know Ruby/Ruby on Rails?
  • A. Yes. At the moment our bandwidth is restricted to hire only experienced Ruby on Rails programmers preferably with consulting experience.
  • Q. I'm not sure I have enough (or the right kind of) experience for the kind of work you do.
  • A. This is always a valid concern, but it never hurts to avoid assumptions and talk things over. Get in touch with us and we can figure things out.
  • Q. I have financial commitments and can't afford the salary cuts that moving to a startup often entails.
  • A. Who said anything about salary cuts? We pay, and pay well. Not as well as, say, Google, but definitely above the industry average.

We do understand that this is a rather eccentric job description and slightly vague to boot, but more traditional descriptions don't seem to work too well for us. If you like what you see, please just drop us a note at and we'd be happy to discuss stuff with you.