engineering perfection on rails

Wrest was a side-effect of the team's extensive experience building RESTfully integrated systems using Rails, and their complete frustration with Rails' ActiveResource library. Wrest started out as an attempt to replace ActiveResource and is now a powerful and expressive DSL for working with HTTP based APIs. It makes integration with a host of web APIs like Twitter, Facebook and Delicious easy and pleasant.
PoxPaginate, like Wrest is a project that resulted from the team's extensive experience building distributed systems using Rails. It provides a drop-in pagination solution for collections exposed via POX (Plain Old XML) services.
Goldberg is a lightweight Ruby based continuous integration server.
Stirlitz provides test spies for RSpec mocks.
XStream.Net is a .net serialisation library. It allows you to serialise objects without breaking encapsulation. It serialises based on fields (even private) rather than public properties unlike the default xml serialisation that .net ships with. It is a port of the Java XStream by Joe Walnes and others.