engineering perfection on rails

What you get

Learn from the Experts

We've been in the business of creating and delivering complex Ruby and Rails applications using Agile philosophies for quite some time now. As active members of the thriving Ruby ecosystem, we've also created or contributed to several Open Source projects. All of this practical experience has given us a measure of learning that we're now in a position to make available to others through our workshops.

With an average of six years of experience in technologies as diverse as J2EE, .Net and Ruby on Rails, we're able to put ourselves in the shoes of people of different experience levels or technical backgrounds and then craft course content to provide them with the best possible learning experience.

Trainers who walk the talk
Our trainers are not academics who teach dry theory; rather, they are experienced developers who routinely deliver carefully crafted software. All the languages, practices and tools that we conduct workshops for, we use in our day to day development. Our courses are shaped by the insights we have into the effective usage of these tools and technologies in practical, real-life situations.
The hands-on approach
We believe that you learn best by doing. In our workshops you will have the opportunity to implement as a part of a graded series of problems all the design patterns, languages and practices which are being taught. This approach will help the you draw parallels between the problems in actual projects and the workshop, which in turn helps you learn more effectively.
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